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New Brisbane Casino set to start employment boom for South East Queensland

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Last month the Queensland government announced it had given approval to the Chinese Echo group for the $2 billion development of Brisbane’s Queen Street Wharf which was inclusive of Brisbane’s newest casino. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszcuk was excited to announce the winning proposal which was competing against James Packers Crown Casino group for the development.

In addition to injecting money into South East Queensland, the Echo development will also be responsible for the creation of thousands of jobs during the development stages and then continuing once the casino resort has opened. The figures for employment in the Brisbane area as a direct result of the development include:

  • The relocating of the Echo headquarters from Sydney to Brisbane inclusive of 300 jobs
  • The creation of 3,000 jobs through construction
  • Ongoing employment for 8,000 jobs through the hospitality, retail, hotel and gaming industries

The development itself is like no other Brisbane has ever seen with a total transformation of the Queen Street Wharf included in the plan for the new casino.  The area will include:

  • 50 restaurants and bars
  • Moonlight cinema
  • 5 hotels (inclusive of 3 six star hotels)
  • River Arena
  • A skydeck area

With development due to commence in 2017, the government is embracing the amount of opportunity the new precinct will bring to Brisbane in regards to employment, tourism and international business.

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