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New notices:

  • Changes in regulation enhancing Community Safety and Visa Integrity
  • New payment methods in ImmiAccount


Changes in regulation enhancing Community Safety and Visa Integrity

New regulations have been implemented by the Government, enhancing visa integrity and clearly communicating what is expected of non-citizens while staying in Australia.


Temporary Visa Changes

Individuals applying for, and are then granted a temporary visa on or after 18th November 2017, are now subject to new conditions while staying in Australia:


Visa condition 8303 – The following are prohibited: activities endangering or threatening any individuals, those disruptive or violence that threatens harm to the Australian community or a group within it.


Visa condition 8304 – Temporary visa holders must identify themselves using the same name in all communications with the following agencies: Commonwealth, state or government. Any change in name must be communicated to ALL government agencies as soon as possible. This includes the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).


Visa condition 8564 – Individuals must not be involved in any criminal activity. Those subject to this condition and who are convicted during their stay in Australia may have their visa cancelled.


 Changes for all visas

 Overall visa integrity is being improved, so regulations are being tightened for all visa applications.

  • Public Interest Criterion 4020 strengthened by an increase in the period where prior cases of fraud are considered from 12 months up till 10 years. This applies for any visa applied for on or after 18th November 2017. Permanent Humanitarian and Protection visa applications remain unaffected by this change.
  • Holders of a permanent visa who are being considered for cancellation of their visa will be ineligible to apply for a Resident Return Visa (RRV). This applies from 18th November 2017 onwards.
  • The Bridging Visa E (BE) application criteria have been amended. This prevents applications from those whose last visa had been cancelled due to breaching conditions 8303 or 8564, or if they were considered a risk to the community. The Department can still grant BVE’s to individuals without application where appropriate.


New payment methods in ImmiAccount

From the 18th November 2017, there are new payment methods available in ImmiAccount. These changes enable clients to maintain confidentiality around their personal credit card details. Online payment options such as PayPal are also now available for paper-based applications.

Changes included are:

  • Pay an invoice – Clients can now pay for an invoice for a second stage visa application, online.
  • Manage Payments – This function now offers an option to ‘PrePay Paper Service’. Clients will now be able to prepay for their paper applications (plus other selected services) online. Payment methods also available are current credit card types and PayPal. Using these, you may pay for the following services:
  • Pay for paper visa applications
  • Pay for paper citizen applications
  • Make a top up payment for existing applications
  • Pay for additional applicants to a lodged application
  • Pay the ImmiCard fee
  • Pay for a Further opinion of a Commonwealth Medical Officer


Receipts provided with the ‘PrePay Paper Service’ option is a proof of payment and must be submitted with the application.

This SHOULD NOT be used to pay for applications submitted online via ImmiAccount.

  • China Union Pay is a new payment option for online payments.

There has ben an update to help text within ImmiAccount screens. This will assist with the new help functions.

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