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About Requel Ogle – Registered Migration Agent in Australia


Requel Ogle who is the Principal and Director of Mygration Pty Ltd has over 15 years’ experience in the migration and relocation industries. Requel is a registered migration agent in Australia with formal qualifications in Business and Corporate and Family migration. Her passion to help others was driven by her keen desire to understand the complexities of the Immigration legal system and how the government made use of the law to grant and refuse visas for migrants. This unique experience which includes working for Department of immigration in New Zealand has been valuable in assisting her to meet and assess the needs of her clients. Ultimately, she and her family have undergone the migration process and understand all the complexities and strain this can place on a person.

Requel says: ‘I get asked by many clients during interviews with them the same question, i.e. what makes you different and why should I use your services and expertise in relation to other legal professionals? In my opinion, our potential client is not wanting to be impressed by just my years of legal knowledge and experience in the industry, instead they want to know how my level of experience across many areas of immigration law will be able to help them in their situation. In other words they want me to demonstrate how they can build trust in the services that we offer.

Being able to identify and put myself in the ‘shoes’ of a client stresses the importance of focusing on details that are important to our client and personal reasons behind their choice of migrating to Australia. What is important to them in turn becomes important to us in how we present their case to the relevant decision makers. Understanding and empathizing with their situation motivates me to do everything we can within the legal system to support them from the beginning to the end of the matter, in other words ‘holding their hand’. The last thing a client needs is to be bothered and bombarded with endless paperwork while they are planning to start a new life in Australia.

The greatest achievement in our teams work day is when ‘we high five’ each other once an application is approved. It reminds us why we enjoy what we do – by making a huge difference in the lives of others who want a better life in Australia.


About Dimitri Bourne- Registered Migration agent on the Gold Coast


Dimitri Bourne is one of our junior associates. Dimitri came to us from a litigation background. He understands the time implications in a matter and understands that it is not just about understanding the law, but also about understanding the practical and personal situations of a client. He personalises his work to suit the client and make every effort to provide a supportive arm from the start of the migration process until the client obtains permanent residency or appropriate visa. Being from this background, he is able to assist clients and be aware of financial, practical and personal issues involved in coming to a different country. His legal background has also proved valuable when potential clients who have had visas refused request our help to appeal a decision to the Migration Review Tribunal.

Dimitri has been asked why he chooses Immigration law. He responds saying that “Firstly, I never thought I would practice in immigration law. But I enjoy it because I am on the client’s side. I get to team up with the client to help them make the best application to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. In litigation I used to be in the middle of disputes, instead, I am working with the client towards a single, important and achievable goal.”

He is admitted to the High Court of Australia, Supreme Court of Queensland and is an accountant. His qualifications include:


1. Bachelor of Laws (specialise in commercial litigation and general legal practice)
2. Bachelor of Commerce (Acct)
3. Justice of the Peace (Qualified)
4. Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice
5. Registered Migration Agent (Australia)
6. Registration to become a migration agent in New Zealand (coming soon)

Dimitri has introduced the high five system at our firm. When a client’s visa is granted, a high five is compulsory. This is what we work towards and it is a great feeling when a client has obtained a visa.

So why use us?

  • We WILL stick with you until you reach your goal
  • We WANT to help you and we CAN help you
  • We WILL be honest and frank about your chances of success before engaging you as a client
  • No task is too difficult and we WILL find a solution for you
  • We KNOW the law WILL use it to assist YOU achieve your goal
  • Our work speaks for itself and once YOUR visa is granted – we are confident YOU will speak for our work
  • We are readily available to discuss ways to assist you. We can be contacted on +61 07 55 800 900 or send an email.
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