Minister to review Investment visa rules as application numbers fall
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Minister to review Investment visa rules as application numbers fall

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The Significant Investment Visa is a crucial part of the Australian Immigration system due to the financial gain for Australian business and industry.  It has been reported that there was a 90% decrease in applications to the Significant Investment Visa (SIV) resulting in an estimated loss of $5-$7 billion in investments.

The suggested cause of this noticeable decline to the number of applications is the possibility of the new program requiring those who are applying for the SIV to specifically invest into technology and venture capital. The possible effects of this decline are:

  • Significant Investors taking their money to other countries
  • Reduction in growth for companies relying on overseas investors
  • Possible job losses
  • Businesses unable to meet supply demands due to lack of resources and funding

The Significant Investor Visa has many requirements which need to be met and with the program under constant review, it is is imperative that those are wishing to apply for the SIV to be informed of the requirements and new changes.

If you would like more information on the Significant Investment Visa, please contact one of our registered migration agents today.

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