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Migration Institute of Australia encourages government to review Migration Act

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Registered migration agent, Barrister-at-law and National President of Migration Institute of Australia Ms Julian-Armitage has recently released a statement calling on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to review the country’s migration laws to ensure that residents and citizens are not having their traditional rights and freedoms affected by Australian Migration laws.

“There must be an acceptable balance between the role of Australia’s migration laws in properly regulating the entry and exit of people to Australia and the legal rights of people.” said Ms Julian-Armitage in press release from the Migration Institute of Australia.  “In a time of increased threats to national security, there is a danger that legislation to protect Australia is gradually moving beyond acceptable limits.”
The statement released earlier last month offered several points of concern raised from the release of Australian Law Reform Commission’s Final Report Traditional Freedoms and Encroachments by Commonwealth Laws.  The points outlined include:
  • Limitations on freedom of association
  • The denial of procedural fairness
  • Inappropriate or unjustified retrospective laws
  • Infringement of freedom of movement
  • The restriction of access to judicial review of certain migration decisions

The Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) was established in 1992 and is an association which represents registered Migration Lawyers and Registered Migration Agents of which Mygration Australia is a part of.

If you would like any information about the migration services we offer through our registered migration agents, please contact us at our head office located on the Gold Coast.

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