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Migration in Australia gets audited!

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Its not just the accounts that get audited, on the 1st May the National Commission of Audit’s released a report aptly titled ‘Towards Responsible Government’ The report made 56 recommendations with several of the recommendations pertaining to migration matters including Visa processing, review tribunals, illegal maritime arrivals and the always present topic of border protection services.

As per the report, please find below the recommendations that are relevant to the migration system as listed on the MIA (Migration Institute of Australia).

Recommendation 43: Visa processing The Department of Immigration and Border Protection grants around 4.7 million visas to Australia every year. Many visa processing tasks are high volume and low complexity and would be well suited to outsourcing. The Commission recommends that a business case and scoping study for outsourcing the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s visa processing functions be prepared.

Recommendation 46: Containing costs associated with Illegal Maritime Arrivals The detention and processing of Illegal Maritime Arrivals has been the fastest growing government program over recent years. The Commission recommends that: a. by renegotiating contracts and better targeting of services, the per person cost of operating the onshore immigration network be reduced to 2011/12 levels and similar efficiencies be sought for the offshore network; and b. this process also be supported by an audit of the scope and cost of services currently being provided and how these have changed over time.

Recommendation 51: Consolidation of border protection services Border protection and security is integral to national security. The Commission recommends that a single, integrated border agency, to be known as Border Control Australia, be established through the merger of the border control functions of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.

 Recommendation 54: Single civilian merits review tribunal The Commonwealth currently maintains four main bodies to review the merits of Commonwealth decisions. The Commission recommends that the Commonwealth civilian merits review tribunals (the Social Security Appeals Tribunal, the Migration Review Tribunal and the Refugee Review Tribunal) and the Classification Review Board be amalgamated with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Various other recommendations may also have flow on effects to the industry and our clients, for example, those relating to student fees and other migration to Australia matters.

If you have any queries or concerns how these recommendations may affect your visa application (student visa, skilled visa, business visa, etc.) please contact one of our experienced migration agents at head office.

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