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The Land of the Long White Cloud

New Zealand is a popular destination for foreign workers and holiday makers due to its employment opportunities,
appeal to tourists and also its proximity to Australia. Many skilled foreign workers choose to start their new chapter in New Zealand
before traveling to Australia due to the similarity of the language and lifestyle.


There are a number of companies that trade between Australia and New Zealand because of the closeness in both distance and culture.  The countries are so close in fact that there is a mutual agreement between Australia and New Zealand that citizens of each country can live and work in the other country for as long as they want under a Special Category Visa.

Why people chose to live, work and visit New Zealand:

  • Life experience
  • Employment opportunities
  • Working Holiday Visa
  • Australian Visa has expired or unable to attain an Australian Visa

New Zealand offers a range of diversity in landscape, climate, employment and lifestyle and is a favorite holiday destination for many Australians. The feeling is mutual with approximately 15% of the New Zealand’s population living in Australia with Queensland being the most popular destination.

If you are interested in the visa opportunities available to New Zealand, please contact our Mygration head office and speak with one of our registered New Zealand migration agents.

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