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Migrants Needed to Fill the Gap for NT Labour Shortage

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The Northern Territory, Darwin in particular, has a long standing history of accepting and embracing migrant workers, especially those from Asia.  This precedent is about to be put to the test with Chief Minister Adam Giles currently in talks with Prime Minister Tony Abbott and federal Minister for Immigration, Scott Morrison in regards to encouraging more migrants to the Territory as opposed to Australia’s southern states.

“There are challenges in perceptions around the country about increasing migration to the territory,” Mr Giles told the Darwin media earlier in the month. The main challenge is the Northern Territory having to compete with the southern states high unemployment rate compared to Darwin’s 1.3 per cent of unemployment.  Obviously the Australian Government wants to work on those higher percentages first which is putting more strain on employers in the Northern Territory finding workers.

The Chief Minister is hoping to have a regional migration agreement put into place focusing specifically on a trilateral agreement between the Northern Territory, East Timor and Indonesia. “We are having a strategic advancement towards Asia; we believe that’s the most positive move for the Northern Territory as a government and for northern Australia both on investment but also population and trade routes.”

Mr Giles is putting particular emphasis on encouraging new immigrants to the Northern Territory, not people that are already here in Australia. “It’s important we focus on migration from the northern neighbours when we can’t fill those gaps from southern Australia.”

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