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Medical Assessments for Visa Applicants

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As of the 28th of July, private health insurer, Bupa has been confirmed through a recent revocation of Medibank Australia as the official health service provider that can provide medical assessments to Australian visa applicants. The tender was won through the Department of Immigration and Border Protection with a three year agreement in place with the Australian Government. Bupa will have specifically built medical assessment centres that in major cities around Australia with an expected 250,000 visa applicants per year requiring medical checks before travel.

The health care provider has similar services in Hong Kong, Poland and the United Kingdom. Appointments and assessments can be booked any time from the 21st July with the official assessments beginning from the 28th of July. Contact Bupa for more information. If you are unsure of the medical requirements for Australian Visa Applications, please contact one of our qualified migration agents based in Brisbane, Queensland.

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