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Immigration crisis in Europe

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It has been hard to escape the disturbing pictures filtering through the media of desperate citizens trying to leave their war-torn countries for a better life.  The British Prime Minister, David Cameron has responded by announcing that a proposed 20,000 Syrian refugees would be eligible to resettle in the United Kingdom over the next five years.  French president, Francois Hollande has exceeded that number with his announcement of France allowing 24,000 refugees to settle in their country.

Australian Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop has not dismissed the possibility that Australia will increase it’s intake of Syrian refugees. “This is a matter under consideration.  Australia has taken about 4,500 Syrian refugees in recent times and obviously the humanitarian disaster in the Middle East, including Syria, is unprecedented.” Said the Foreign Minister.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott with the support of his Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton has stood firm on the “Stop The Boats” policy Australia has adopted in attempt to prevent more tragedies at sea as was recently seen in Turkey.

“As long as people think that they can get here they can stay here, we’ll have the illegal trade, we’ll have the people smugglers in business and we’ll have the tragedies at sea.” Mr Abbott recently commented on ABC local radio. “If you want to stop the deaths, if you want to stop the drownings, you’ve got to stop the boats.”

The Department of Immigration and Border Security are in agreement that the safest and most efficient way for Australia to accept refugees is through the proper visa application channels.

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