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Skilled Information Communication Technology

We all know that the world is dependent on information technology like never before which means that the demand for Skilled Information Communication Technology (ICT) workers continues to rise. The Australian Government has recognized this and put several systems in place to ensure that foreign skilled ICT workers have the ability to easily apply for a working visa into Australia.


Digital technologies in Australia has a growth rate of 50% over the past three years making it one of the fastest growing contributors to the Australian economy.  With this growth comes demand and with demand comes opportunities for skilled ICT workers to live and work in Australia.

There are many opportunities available for ICT workers wanting to experience Australia such as:

  • Working Holiday Visas
  • Skilled 457 Visas
  • Permanent and temporary employer sponsorship Visas

If you are business in the ICT industry and need assistance in attaining sponsorship visas for employees, sourcing ICT skilled workers or assisting with visa applications for employees, we have a team of registered and qualified migration agents who can assist your company.

Our office also handles applications for skilled ICT workers interested in working in Australia and can assist in making the application process a smooth one.

Contact our head office today and speak with one of our registered and qualified migration agents who can help identify and pursue the best opportunities in the ICT Industry.
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