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How to purchase property in Australia

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There are many opportunities to purchase properties in Australia and many reasons new residents to Australia are looking to purchase properties such as:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Investment
  • Development

Australia has a very strict policy on non-citizens and non-permanent residents purchasing property in Australia and the regulations must be followed when looking at buying land or property in the country.  You must make yourself aware of the requirements and criteria of purchasing a property in Australia before you enter into any real estate contract.

Real estate agents in Australia are also aware of the Australian Government requirements of purchasing property and will not be able to process a sale if you are not eligible. To become eligible to purchase or invest in Australian property, you need to be approved by the Foreign Investment Review Board.

If you need more information on your eligibility on purchasing property in Australia and the real estate opportunities available, contact one of our experienced and registered migration agents today.


Interested in purchasing property in Australia? Contact us today.

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