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How to apply for a Student Visa in Australia

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Australia is continuing to establish it’s reputation as one of the best countries for international students with a large range of exceptional tertiary education facilities all over the country.  The amount of foreign students choosing to study in Australia is growing every year.  Due to this growing number of applicants and the limited spaces available in Australian Universities, it is important for applicants who are wanting to apply for a Visa to live to and study in Australia to follow the correct process when it comes to submitting their application.

Here are some tips to help with your visa application:

Ensure you have a good understanding of English: It is essential that you not only have a good understanding of English but complete a recognised program that can certify your level of English.  The most popular course is through TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) due to it’s world recognised standards.

Understand which Study Visa is right for you: There are a number of options available for international students who want to study, live and even work in Australia. Some of these options include (ELICOS) Subclass 570, Primary or Secondary School course (subclass 571), Vocational Educational Training (VET) (Subclass 572), Higher Education (Subclass 573), Postgraduate Research (subclass 574), AusAID and Defence (Subclass 576) and Student Guardians.

Research your options in Australia: There are many things to consider when applying for a visa to study in Australia.  The primary issue to consider is location of the institute you are wanting to study at and the surrounding areas.  You may be wishing to work while you study so employment opportunities are also something to consider.  Even contact the school, institute or university you are considering and make sure the course you are wanting to attend is relevant to you. Contacting the school can also help you somewhat understand their intake of international students.

Use a registered migration agent: Applying for a visa to Australia can be a daunting process.  Using the services of a registered and qualified migration agent, located in Australia, ensures your application is completed properly and according to the requirements of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. When choosing a migration agent ensure they are registered with the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).  Only when an agent fulfills the legal obligations of applying for visas will they be issued with a Migration Agents Registration Number. This number should be displayed on their website. The Migration Institute of Australia is also an authorised body who only offers memberships to reputable and qualified migration agents.

If you are living overseas and wanting to look at studying in Australia or perhaps you are already studying in Australia and would like to know your options for further education or employment opportunities – contact our team of registered migration agents located in Queensland, Australia and we can assist you.

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