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How many people are migrating to Australia?

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The Department of Immigration and Border Protection have released their annual report detailing exactly how many people visited and moved to Australia between 2013-2014.  The report allows the government to evaluate the required administrative infrastructure and also of any increase in one particular field of visitors/migrants.

Across the board, the number of people coming to Australia is increasing every year which puts more pressure on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection in relation to visa processing times.

The ‘Australia’s Migration Trends 2013-14’ report advised of the following:

  • 126,350 Sublcass 457 visas were granted
  • 20,019 visas were granted under the Humanitarian stream
  • 207,900 migrants settled permanently in Australia
  • 60,185 family stream visas were granted

The report also made mention of the significant increase in both the Chinese tourism and international students markets.  The number of Chinese tourists visiting Australia had increased by 25% during the year while the number of international student grants issued were the highest since the GFC.

The report goes into great detail on all of the visa’s issued for non-Australians wanting to enter the country and shows the growing demand that is being instilled on to the Department of Immigration and other government departments responsible for issuing, processing and reviewing visa applications.

Having a documented increase in the number of visa applications also emphasises the need for visa applications to be submitted correctly.  Using a qualified and registered migration agent increases the chances of visa applications being processed in an efficient and stress-free manner.

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