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How do I find a registered migration agent?

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Applying for a Visa can be a daunting process especially if you are a family moving to Australia and have more than one application to complete. This is when using the services of a registered migration agent are beneficial. Depending on the type of application and your individual circumstances, there can also be a lot of documentation required and it all needs to be done properly to ensure your application is lodged in the most time-efficient manner.

However, choosing a migration agent can come across as a daunting process also and this is why it is best to do your research and select the migration agent that best caters to your needs. Before this process starts, the first check you need to do is through the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority to ensure the agent you are wanting to use is actually a registered migration agent.

To check the registration of a migration agent is simple.

1) Visit the MARA website and enter the name of the migration agent into the search bar. If they are registered with the Australian Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority, their name will be displayed. This search tool can also be used to find information on agents who have been cautioned, suspended and cancelled, so it’s definitely worth checking.

2) Check the website of the actual migration agent. Any registered migration agent will have their Migration Agents Registration Number listed on their website. Preferably they should also have the MIA (Migration Institute of Australia) logo displayed.

Mygration Australia has an experienced team of registered migration agents and legal experts. We are based in Queensland, Australia and available to meet and assist with any Visa applications for Australia. Contact us today. 

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