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How can you buy a business in Australia?

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Australia is a very appealing country to live in due to the lifestyle, weather, education, employment and business opportunities. As a nation Australia thrives on both small and big business to sustain the economy. Many business owners from overseas have recognised the many opportunities Australia has to offer when it comes owning their business. The Australian Government has many facilities and support networks in Australia to assist and encourage investors to either start up their own business or purchase an existing one.

When it comes to overseas investors wanting to purchase a business in Australia, there are several different avenues for an Australian Business Visa depending on the history and assets of the applicant.

The Business Owner Visa (subclass 890) allows the applicant to live permanently in Australia as well as own or manage a business. The application process is quite involved and you need to lodge a notification to the State/s or Territories in which you intend to set up your main business and you need to hold a valid passport.

Some applicants prefer to move to Australia on a different Visa and then look for business opportunities once they are here.

For more information on Business Visas, click here.

Either way, if you are looking for assistance in applying for the correct type of Visa, contact one of our experienced and registered migration agents today.


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