How Australia's population of 24 million could affect immigration
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How Australia’s population of 24 million could affect immigration

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It was recently announced that Australia’s population has officially reached 24 million people. This figure has sparked a lot of interest from different industries and government departments due to a majority of the population boom instigated from overseas immigration.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics the population is increasing by one person every minute and thirty-one seconds due to birth or immigration and former Foreign Minister Bob Carr has encouraged a review on immigration in order for Australia to be able to sustain a quality of life and not have resources stretched to breaking point.

In a recent interview on an ABC program, Mr Bob Carr explained the cause for concern by comparing Australia’s growth to that of a developing country. “Our rate of population growth is higher than that of Indonesia, which has got developing-world status. I just want Australia to think about the cost. That is; congestion in our cities and skyrocketing home costs and home purchase and rentals in bigger cities.”

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