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How a Migration Agent can help with a Visa Refusal

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Applying for a visa to Australia can be an involved process irrespective of which visa stream you are applying for. It is an emotional and financial commitment and if the visa does get refused by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) it can turn into a very stressful time.

The decision to appeal a visa refusal is one that must be considered with great care and professional advice.  When entering into an appeal, the process is far more involved than the initial visa application which is why it is strongly recommended to use the services of a registered and qualified migration agency.

Some points to consider when entering into an appeal for a denial of a visa include:

If your appeal is refused, it will make it much more difficult to apply for any visas in the future.

All details and statements given during the appeal process will be kept on file with the DIBP and used against any future visa applications.

The appeal needs to be lodged on valid grounds and not an emotional one.

The DIBP can seek reimbursements of all legal costs if the appeal is denied.

At Mygration we understand how devastating a visa denial can be which is why through our experience and previous appeals through the DIBP we can promise our clients an appeal that is lodged with integrity and a thorough understanding of the appeal process.

As with all of our clients, we pride ourselves on providing an open line of communication to ensure that all updates and information is passed directly on.

If you, a family member or employee are requiring assistance to lodge an appeal for a visa refusal, please contact our head office located in Queensland Australia and arrange a time for an appointment.



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