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Hong Kong Visa applicants biometric testing

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A change in the visa application process was introduced to Hong Kong applicants on the 22nd of May. Any visa applicants who are in Hong Kong at the time of their visa application to Australia will be required to provide biometric data with their application.

What is biometric data? Biometric data is computer data (as opposed to personal information) including information such as fingerprints and other samples from the individual.  In the instance of Hong Kong visa applicants applying to Australia, the two biometric requirements are acquired by a non-intrusive process capturing a 10-digit fingerprint scan and facial image. The biometrics  data will be requested at the time the visa application is lodged if it is submitted at the Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC).

Visa applicants who are exempt from having to provide biometrics data include the holders of the following passports:

  • Hong Kong (SAR)
  • Macau (SAR)
  • British National Overseas
  • People’s Republic of China

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