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Green Motion Disallowing Tougher Regulations on Visa Applications has passed the Senate

Tough new regulations which revoke visas from migrants who provided false or misleading information on their Australian visa applications, have been rejected by the Senate.

The Green party had submitted a motion to disallow the regulations, which also covered application mistakes, and this passed the upper house on Tuesday 31-29.

Had the regulations passed, the penalty for those submitting false or misleading information on their visa applications would be a ban from reapplying for 10 years, up from just 12 months. This even applied to those who provided such information mistakenly or unwittingly.

Australian Greens senator Nick McKim said that even those who had not done anything wrong or had been defrauded by migration agents would have been at risk of being detained or deported.

These regulations effectively would have meant that anyone submitting an Australian visa application with incorrect information would have been barred from reapplying for a decade.

Inaccurate, omissions of fact, or filing bogus documents would have all been considered grounds for denial.

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