Government updates Significant Investor Visa applications for Victoria
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Government updates Significant Investor Visa applications for Victoria

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The Department of Immigration and Border Security has put a strong emphasis on streamlining the visa application processing times across all aspects of immigration.  This would enable a more efficient and real-time processing of visa applications.

One of the changes working towards this streamlined processing is segregating specific regions and enabling that states government to process applicants that are relevant to their area. The state of Victoria has recently announced that visa applicants applying through the Skilled and Business Migration program will be processed directly through their new system on their Live In Victoria website.

Previously visa applicants who were wanting to apply for nomination for the Skilled Visa program would go through the national ‘SkillSelect’ website where they would then be filtered to the relevant State Government.  Having a system which allows the Victorian government have immediate access to the applicants coming through, allows them to have a more accurate review of which skill sets are in abundance and which ones require more workers.

New South Wales and Victoria are the two top states for applicants for the Skilled and Business visa program due to their capital cities of Sydney and Melbourne being key destinations for many industries.

If you would like to speak to one of our registered migration agents about these changes or if you are interested in applying for any visas through the Skilled and Business visa schemes, please contact us today.




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