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Government Treading Carefully with Skilled Migrants

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After the boost to numbers of Skilled Visas for Australia made available through last week’s federal Budget, the Australian Government is treading very carefully in an effort to not over saturate particular job markets whilst still encouraging people to immigrate to Australia and fill jobs that are unable to be filled.

As stated in the Budget:

‘With the reprioritization towards employer-sponsored visas, employers will be assisted in finding workers to fill vital positions where they have been unable to find local workers. This also protects Australian workers, who will have less direct competition from independent migrants who arrive without a guaranteed job.”

The Government has introduced ‘Skill Select’ which has changed how the skilled migration program is managed and ensures the actual visa processing itself is based on Australia’s economic needs. In addition to reducing the time taken to process a visa application for Australia, Skill Select assesses the skill shortage problem in regional Australia by requiring the applicant who is applying for the work visa for Australia to indicate if they would be willing to work and live in a regional area.

Leading recruitment company Clarius Group, recently compiled a comprehensive report the ‘Clarius Skills Indicator’ which has assessed and detailed which labour skills are currently in demand in Australia and which are in oversupply. These results have revealed since the end of the mining boom, the surplus of job seekers in the hospitality, manufacturing and tourism industries have been particularly noticeable.

The projections of surplus have been found in the following industries:

  • 3000 skilled retail, hospitality and sales managers
  • 500 ICT Managers
  • 4100 engineering professionals
  • 1600 accountants, auditors and company secretaries
  • 19,700 clerical and administrative workers

However there is hope in the skilled advertising and sales managers with a shortage of 500 skilled workers to fill positions in the industry.

If you would like further advice, speak to one of our registered migration agents in Australia in regards to applying for a Skilled Visa or Work Visa for Australia and contact us today.

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