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Getting Healthy for your Visa for Australia

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We all know that our health is the most important thing in our lives. The same can be said when you’re applying for your Visa to Australia. Whether it be a Skilled Independent Visa, Business Investment Visa, Family Visa or Work Visa, the Australian Government needs to make sure that you’re fighting fit before you arrive in the land Down Under.

The good news is that there has been some changes in the system allowing more and more Visa Applicants to benefit from a much smoother and streamlined process when it comes to receiving a Medical Clearance.

As of March 22nd, amendments were made to the ‘Specification of Countries’ in which applicants could potentially be approved for local medical clearance and not have to worry about any medical checks once they’ve touched down in Australia.

As a Visa applicant, if you go through the required medical examination by an approved panel physician before you leave and are given the ‘all clear’, you’ll be one step closer to obtaining that Visa for Australia.

Your physician will be primarily checking the following:

  •  That you do not have a disease or condition that is likely to pose a health risk.
  •  That you do not have a disease or condition that is likely to present a significant cost to Australians.
  •  That you do not have a disease or condition that will affect the access of Australians to health services or procedures that are in short supply.

There is of course exceptions where a Health Waiver is available for certain types of Visa’s and situations. If you would like to enquire if you are eligible for a Health Waiver, please contact one of our migration agents who will be more than happy to assist you.

Aside from that, get stuck into those vegetable shakes and start getting healthy!   

For more information on the countries specified, please visit Comlaw Download

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