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Free Visa assessment

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If you have thought about living, working, travelling, investing or studying in Australia, it can sometimes be hard to know where to start and what Visas you are actually eligible for.

We have dozens of enquiries every day from people wanting advice on which visa they should apply for.  There are a number of questions to ask yourself first before you even start researching the application process such as:

Are you wanting to live in Australia permanently or short-term?

What are you wanting to achieve from your experience in Australia? (Professional, life, family, etc)

Have you researched information about Australia and it’s culture and climate?

Do you have good English skills?

Even coming from another Western country, it can be quite a culture shock when you actually arrive in Australia and start living here so it is important to mentally prepare for the change.

A service we can offer is our free visa assessment which through a collection of some personal details, one of our registered migration agents can offer you an assessment of which visas you are eligible for and the available opportunities in Australia.



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