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Foreign owned properties well tenanted on the Gold Coast

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The governing body for properties in Queensland, the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) has advised that the occupancy rates of investment properties on the Gold Coast are strong.

The Gold Coast itself is a popular destination for not only investors but for many Australians who are wanting a sea change and better climate. With 57 kilometres of beautiful coastline, theme parks, good schools, several universities, a brand new hospital and transport system, the Gold Coast is becoming increasingly popular for families wanting to settle permanently.

However, with property prices increasing it is difficult for many people to be able to afford a new home who then chose to rent. The Gold Coast is appealing to foreign investors because of the constant construction and development providing new opportunities to cater for every demand whether it be apartments or housing. Some foreign investors purchase the property for their own use but many choose their investment as a way to make revenue.

John Newlands who is the REIQ’s Gold Coast chairman mentioned “In these times a lot of our overseas investment, especially coming from the Asian areas, they are quite happy to rent the properties out, so maybe it’s just a sign of the times where people want the income to be coming through and not have the property sitting there being a burden.”

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