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Federal Election confirmed for Australia

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The Australian 2016 Federal Election has been confirmed for the 2nd of July 2016 with current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull from the Liberal Party up against Bill Shorten from the Labor Party.  The last election in Australia was held in 2013 and Parliament House has seen many eventful transitions in this time with elected Prime Minister Tony Abbott later replaced with Malcolm Turnbull.

The winning party will be announced upon a majority win of the 150 seats in Parliament.  The campaigning has already begun with many media appearances and press releases with each party discussing their policies including:

  • the economy
  • employment
  • health
  • environment
  • education
  • immigration
  • development
  • foreign policy

The outcome of the election will affect many industries with issues such as:

  • Existing government funding for projects
  • Government grants
  • Employment
  • Health
  • Immigration policies
  • Foreign investment

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