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Father To-Be Refused Visa Into Australia

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You may have seen the sad case of Gold Coast couple Zoey and Alex after the Department of Immigration and Border Protection refused their most recent visa application.

A pregnant Gold Coast woman says she will be forced to give birth without the baby’s father after he was refused a visa to re-enter Australia.#9News | http://9News.com.au

Posted by 9 News Gold Coast on Thursday, September 28, 2017

Alex, a UK citizen was required to depart Australia due to arcane visa laws surrounding partner visa requirements, forcing him to lodge offshore. He also attempted re-entry via the visitor visa stream to be reunited with his partner Zoey, an Australian citizen as they are expecting their first child in a few months.

This situation demonstrates the real issues faced by visa applicant’s and their families when there is no visa pathway available that suits their situation. The sad reality of holes in the visa system becomes very evident when you see couples like Zoey and Alex forcefully separated due to long processing times and the requirement to lodge visa applications offshore. In this case, the likelihood of Zoey giving birth alone without her partner is very real as Alex is likely to be waiting in excess of 12 months in the UK for a decision on his partner visa.

At Mygration, we understand the complexities of Australian visa requirements and we also understand the needs that most families have and their strong desire to remain in Australia as a family unit. We can guide you around the most appropriate visa for you, including whether any waivers might exist or whether priority processing might be available for your particular circumstances.

Come and see Catherine and the team at Mygration so we can assess your needs and advise on the best visa options for you moving forward.

Help with the petition so Alex can be reunited with his family in Australia at change.org

Original Source 9 News

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