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Family split across different countries from Australian Immigration “one fail, all fail” policy

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A South-African family of four that has lived in Canberra since 2011 and successfully integrated into the local community through schools and employment have found their family split due to a ruling from the Department of Immigration and Border Patrol.

The Ingram family found themselves in the unfortunate situation when their oldest son, Brett, went back to South Africa to visit family.  Whilst Brett was overseas his mother Jacqui applied for permanent residency and due to a recently discovered health condition, her application was rejected and visa revoked.

The Department of Immigration has a “”one fail, all fail” policy meaning that if one member of the family unit who is part of the family visa application / approval fails a medical assessment, the entire family unit is umbrella’s under that decision.

Whilst the Ingram family are able to stay in Australia while their appeal is being processed and assessed, it has left their Brett unable to return back to Australia since his visa was also revoked the same time as his mother’s while he was out of the country.

Mr and Mrs Ingram both work in established professions in law and education and are hoping their appeal will allow their son to return back to Australia.

This will be a lengthy and emotional process and one which will involve supporting paperwork and documentation from all parties.  Having a registered migration agent can assist in times such as these where the appeals success depends on the information presented and having a clear line of communication with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

If you are in need of a qualified migration agent to assist in appealing a visa decision or applying for a visa to Australia, please contact our head office on the Gold Coast.

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