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False migration agent arrested

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At least 20 migrants have been left broke and disheartened after being conned by a man claiming to be a migration agent and selling them fake visas to live and work in Australia.  Most of the victims were international students in Brisbane who had paid Mr Abel Prasad of SVC Legal Australia excessive amounts of money for supposed visas and job opportunities in his company.

Unfortunately for these students, Abel Prasad owned a company name but nothing else.  Both the Australian Federal Police along with several state police departments (New South Wales and South Australia) have been investigating Mr Prasad which resulted in his extradition back to South Australia where he will appear in court.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has reinforced the importance of using a registered migration agent when applying for any sort of visa to live, study, work or invest in Australia.

“Unfortunately there have been instances of people pretending to be migration agents and providing false or misleading information to take advantage of a person’s desire to travel to Australia,” he said.

“This calendar year, my department has sanctioned eight migration agents resulting in either a caution, suspension, cancellation or a barring decision on their registration.

“Additionally, my department has found breaches in regard to 93 complaints made against registered migration agents during the same period.”

Mygration Pty Ltd is a registered migration agent with the MIA and RCSA. We display our Migration Agents Registration Number throughout our website which is a national requirement for legitimate migration agents.

If you would like to speak to a team of qualified, experienced and registered migration agents that you can trust, please contact our head office today.

Source: www.abc.net.au/news

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