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What to expect during your professional consultation?

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Your agent will use a 30-60-minute interactive and confidential consultation with you to determine your visa eligibility. We do this by asking you non-confronting and open-ended questions purely to determine whether there are any other potential issues to be expected in the application process or to find alternative and more suitable migration pathways for you.

It’s common for Professional and experienced registered migration agents to charge a consultation fee as their years of experience in dealing with all complex issues are varied which means they have the foresight anticipate future issues regarding your situation and advise accordingly. Other agents choose to offer migration consultations for free. If you chose an agent who offers free consultation it’s worth to consider the following:

• Often newly registered migration agents who lack experience and have recently entered the migration practice area will offer free consultations.
• The Free consultation objective is primarily focused on building and growing their business and clientele base.
• The risk you as the potential client may face is working with an inexperienced agent who may make rash decisions and provide incorrect advice or are not able to consider a full 360 solutions.

Our experienced registered agents on the Gold Coast – are confident to provide advice that clients at times may not want to hear whilst providing accurate alternate solutions that has more reasonable chance of success and may benefit clients long term.

A well-planned consultation will take your migration agent at least 2 hours to thoroughly prepare and research legislation and policy relating to your situation and follow this up with a written letter of advice. On the other hand, agents offering free services could either cut corners or miss key facts as no value is reciprocated.

This can occur often when agents give detailed assessments over the phone for free upon initial enquiry from the clients without examining relevant documents which could highlight key factors.

What can go wrong?

Sometimes, absolutely nothing. At other times, should you follow the free advice given and you act based on this advice, you have no recourse or claim on this advice should your application fail. What might have only costed $180.00 is now costing you up to tens of thousands due to loss of initial immigration fees paid (as they do not refund decision based applications). Other risks you face is paying a very experienced migration lawyer for their professional fees plus government appeal costs and worst of all, your residency and life is affected as you might have to leave Australia.

Therefore, we strongly advise applicants to consider the pros and cons and weigh up the positives of undertaking a paid professional consultation or assessment with an experienced and registered migration agent to save money.

In the end remember dear client – you get what you pay for. Make the right decision for your migration to Australia.

1: All visa assessments are confidential and are conducted by one of our highly experienced registered migration agents/lawyers.

2: Our experienced agents will be able to provide you with tailored advice to suit your unique circumstances.

3: We can guide you through the complexities of Australia migration law using plain English

Following your assessment, should you proceed with an application we will credit the initial consultation fee to your new matter, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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