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ENS and RSMS Employer sponsored and nominated visas (SC186 ENS Visas and SC187 RSMS Visas)

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The SC186 ENS and SC187 RSMS visas are for applicants who want to hold a permanent residency visa for Australia whilst working for their nominated employer.

This can be achieved by either the applicant working for the employer for a period of 2 years’ full time firstly on a temporary skilled 457 working visa which enables them to ‘jump the waiting period’ and apply for the permanent ENS or RSMS employer nominated visas. Alternatively, the applicant can receive a nomination or sponsorship by meeting the skilled requirements as per the ANZSCO and skills assessing authorities before applying through the direct entry stream for these permanent visas. Other requirements must also be met by both the nominated employer and the visa applicant to meet eligibility for direct pathway to permanent residency.

One of the main differences between the RSMS and the ENS is the location of the nominated employer. This determines the specific requirements of the relevant visas that must be applied for.


Usually this is the most challenging part of an application. Most offshore skilled workers find themselves applying for thousands of positions each day to recruiters and employers advertising direct – to no avail. Most applicants are extremely disappointed at not achieving any results.

Some contributing factors leading to ‘no job offers’ stem from predominantly the following reasons:

  • A: At the time of advertising the positions, employers are generally looking to fill the position immediately, (i.e. within a maximum 2-3- month period). This means that the suitable candidate offshore has less of a change being selected by the employer or recruiter as they are not visa ready.
  • B: Most employers are also reluctant to haphazardly offer positions to applicants without meeting them face-to-face. Skype can be used as an introductory measure along with providing references however meeting in person is usually preferred.
  • C: Due to the sheer magnitude of sponsorship applications received every day throughout Australia in addition to the unfortunate comparison to non-genuine applications, Australian employers can sometimes be reluctant to consider an application not submitted through an official governing body.
  • D: Applying to local recruitment agencies can often be difficult and unsuccessful due to their inexperience and lack of knowledge with foreign skilled workers and the visa application process.

For these reasons, Mygration Australia are partnered with talent acquisition experts who work closely with our registered migration agents in Australia to develop tailored work and visa packages for the applicant.

Our main avenues of placement are through reputable partners for On-Hire Labour pathways.

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