Engineers Australia announce new scheme including 457 Visa applicants
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Engineers Australia announce new scheme including 457 Visa applicants

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The 457 visa scheme is one of the most popular programmes used by overseas professionals to live and work in Australia. The Australian government is a big advocate for the scheme due to the number of skilled and talented workers it attracts to fill the void of workers in particular industries.

However, one particular industry has expressed concern over the influx of skilled workers.  Engineers Australia (EA) is launching it’s own national registration scheme, National Engineering Register (NER) to monitor and cross-reference the history, experience, training and development of all applicants, including the 457 visa applicants, for engineering positions in Australia. The NER was established off the back of the huge influx of engineering applicants to Australia due to the shortage of skilled workers in the industry.  With Australia annually producing 9,500 engineering graduates through its universities, the number still falls short of the estimated 13,000 – 20,000 engineers needed to fill positions around Australia.

Due to this variance of the available engineers compared to the required engineers, many Australian companies are scrambling to get their skilled workers in from overseas and approved for work as quickly as possible.  The increase in engineer positions compliments the growing amount of 457 visas being issued. “Up until a couple of years ago the number of 457 visas went from 2000 to about 7000.” Said CEO of Engineers Australia, Stephen Durkin.  It’s this demand and growing number of visas being issued that has prompted EA to ensure that the quality of applicants and skilled workers is not being compromised. “As the peak body of the engineering profession, EA has a profound responsibility to uphold this public trust.”

Engineers Australia represents 100,000 engineers and is the national forum for chartered and un-chartered engineers. Engineers must become a member of EA in order to apply and be recognised under the EAPSS, Engineers Australia Professional Standards Scheme.  This is stipulated in the legislation of the states and territories across Australia and is the benchmark standard for engineers working in Australia.  The EAPSS monitors:

  • Professional recognition
  • Public trust
  • Consumer protection

The new National Engineering Register will act to protect the industry from those who are not qualified or up-to-standard to accept engineering jobs, particularly those who have been issued temporary 457 visas. “We believe that our NER [National Engineering Register] will further improve the professional recognition and public trust of engineers in Australia and promote the role of EA in advancing the profession.” Mr Durkin said.

With engineering jobs being administered under such definitive standards and legislation,  it is imperative that all engineering applicants who applying for a 457 visa, follow the process and protocol correctly.  If you would like some assistance in applying for a 457 visa or would like more information on the visa scheme to work in Australia, contact one of our registered migration agents today. 

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