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Engineers Australia accepting TOEFL

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Engineers Australia has announced that from the 1st of January 2016, it will be accepting TOEFL results for the English language competency component of their visa and work requirements. TOEFL stands for Test Of English as a Foreign Language and is a world recognised program used to demonstrate English-language proficiency.

The appeal of TOEFL and the reason that many countries, colleges, agencies and institutions prefer the program is the frequency of the testing (over 50 tests are available every year in Australia) and the standard of the English-language that participants leave with.

Engineers Australia will follow the required standards needed to pass the TOEFL test for the four individual modules.  The minimum points for the modules are:

  • Listening: 12
  • Reading: 13
  • Speaking: 18
  • Writing: 21

The demand for Engineers in Australia is consistently high with many companies looking at sponsoring skilled workers to fill vacancies.

If you are in interested in the Skilled Workers Visa program and would like more information on the requirements, please contact one of our registered migration agents today.


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