Donald Trump announced as new president of the United States
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Donald Trump announced as new president of the United States

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It was one of the most highly anticipated elections of the last decade as the citizens of America went to the voting polls to vote in their new President.  Democrat Senator Hilary Clinton was running against Republican Donald Trump for the esteemed job in the oval office.

Although Senator Clinton was always portrayed as the front runner to win the election, the world watched in wonderment as more and more states voted for Donald Trump with the final count 279 seats to Hilary Clinton’s 228.

In the build up to the announcement of the final verdict the stock markets reflected the general apprehension and uncertainty felt with the Australian stock market crashing and having it’s worse day since February.

Donald Trump has been one of the most controversial candidates – and now president – that America has seen with his strong views on immigration and trade making headlines around the world.  Now, as the world did with Brexit, world leaders, international companies and investors will wait to see the after effect and prepare to do with a ‘new’ United States of America and it’s new president Donald Trump.


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