DIAC tightening 'the belt' on employers visa compliance for the 457 Visa program
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DIAC tightening ‘the belt’ on employers visa compliance for the 457 Visa program

Due to the increased misuse of the 457 Temporary work visa programs, the department of immigration have issued a joint statement with the Fair work Ombudsman who will independently embark on strict monitoring processes for Employers who have sponsored employees under the 457 work visa scheme.

There has been a significant increase in complaints about employers who are abusing the 457 visa provision in bringing in family members to take up ‘needed’ positions as well as employers who are not complying with their sponsorship obligations.

Monitoring by over 300 Fair work ombudsman inspectors will focus on employer compliance for these main visa conditions:

  • 457 visa holders are being paid at the market rates specified in their approved visa, and
  • The job being done by the 457 visa holder matches the job title and description approved in their visa.


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