Department announces over 190,000 permanent migration places
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Department announces over 190,000 permanent migration places

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The new 2015-2016 federal budget has kicked in and with it comes the confirmation of just under 200,000 spaces available for permanent migrants to Australia. The available spaces come through a variety of visa’s with the majority of the spots being allocated to skilled migrant schemes.

The exact break-down of the available permanent visas to Australia are as follows:

Skilled Visa Scheme

Employer Sponsored Visas 48,250

Skilled Independent Visas 43,990

State and Territory Nominated Visas 28,850

Business Innovation and Investment Visas 7,260

Distinguished Talent Visas 200

Family Visa Scheme

Partner Visas 47,825

Parent Visas 8,675

Other family visas (including orphan relative visas) 900

There is also 565 visas allocated to the special eligibility stream.  The total number of permanent migration opportunities has remained the same as last year with the only notable changes being that of the processing and management of the applications.

Due to this lack of increase in available visa opportunities, it is imperative that visa applications are submitted correctly with all of the necessary supporting documentation.  A lot of this process has a lot to do with which visa you are actually applying for.

If you would like advice on which is the right visa for you and your situation, contact one of our registered migration agents and arrange a free consultation.

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