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Decrease in Invitations issued for SkillSelect

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The national SkillSelect program is established to compliment the Skilled Visa schemed where applicants have to firstly submit their interest before receiving an application to apply through the official channels.

Figures released this month on the industries and trades under demand have revealed that several occupations will either be unavailable until next year or are restricted with the number of invitations that will be extended.

The following occupations have been listed:

Auditors: The quota for this occupation has been filled and therefore there will be no other invitations extended until next financial year.

Accountants: There were only 20 places available for accountants to apply.  These spaces were also extremely difficult to attain with the government increasing the amount of points needed to receive an invitation.

Other changes will also include that as of October there will be two invitation rounds issued each month to assist with processing.

If you are interested in the opportunities available through the SkillSelect program applying for a Skilled Visa to Australia, please contact one of our registered migration agents.


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