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Countries assess immigration amid Paris attacks

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The world is still in shock after the highly publicized and devastating attacks across several locations throughout Paris on the 13th of November. The aftermath of the attacks has seen many governments across the world in the early stages of reassessing their immigration and security policies.

On the back of the recent mass exit of citizens from Syria, many neighbouring countries, including France, were involved in accepting large numbers of refugees.  Less than three months ago, French President Francious Holland pledged a commitment of France opening its doors to 24,000 refugees over the next two years.

Countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Germany had also committed to accepting varying numbers of refugee.  However, in the wake of the recent incidents in Paris, many governments are commencing talks of how to tighten security around immigration and people of concern gaining access to their country.

Poland has advised it has officially cancelled their pledge of accepting refugees. This is a precedent that other countries may follow. Irrespective, countries, including Australia will be engaging in strict security checks of Visa applications before they enter the country.

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