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Chinese look to Australia for product supply

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On the back of the baby formula contamination which forced the Chinese population to source their formula from elsewhere – including Australia, the pattern seems to be continuing with consumer confidence growing in Australian produce and products.

The latest example of the Chinese demanding an Australian product has seen one of our most iconic brands in high demand on the supermarket shelves and that product is Weet-Bix. The proof of the Chinese’s new found confidence in Australian products comes from the fact that two years ago China was the 30th biggest export for Weet-Bix, it is now the 1st and largest export market.

There are several reasons why China is starting to lean more on Australian products such as:

  • Proximity
  • High health standards and regulations
  • Strong quarantine laws
  • Production costs
  • Quality of produce

While Australia’s export industries continue to grow, so does the amount of Chinese investors coming back into Australia to further expand their portfolio and even their lifestyle. If you are interested in the investment visa opportunities available in Australia, please contact one of our registered migration agents today.

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