China, USA & Singapore lead the way in Australian property investment
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China, USA and Singapore lead the way in Australian property investment

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Australia offers a lifestyle like no other and many overseas investors are recognising this through their investment in Australian Property.  The capital cities such as Sydney and Melbourne are the current hotspots for international property investment with Queensland’s Gold Coast and Brisbane also rating a mention.

The reason so many foreign investors are interested in property in Australia is the strength of the country’s current economic state.  Property in general is increasing in value across the nation with demand for some particular areas outweighing supply. The other attraction for foreign property investors is the appeal of the country itself with Australia offering world-class educational facilities, health benefits, employment opportunities, business opportunities and of course, the famous Ozzie lifestyle of great weather and scenery.

It has recently been reported that Chinese foreign investment is responsible for most of the property sales, however the interest spreads across the globe with the top ten countries investing in Australian property covering neally every corner of the world.

As per a report released by the Foreign Investment Review Board looking at figures produced last financial year, the top ten countries investing in Australian property are as follows (noted in dollar value of real estate investment approvals:

  1. China ($12,046m)
  2. United States of America ($6,135m)
  3. Singapore ($4,303m)
  4. Canada ($2,945m)
  5. Malaysia ($2,038m)
  6. United Kingdom ($1,795m)
  7. Netherlands ($1,720m)
  8. New Zealand ($1,362m)
  9. Hong Kong ($1,279m)
  10. Germany ($1,169m)

There are very strict rules and regulations stipulated by the Australian government concerning the purchasing of property whether it be residential, commercial or agricultural.  Ensure your Real Estate is aware of the requirements and applications that are required for foreign property investment, alternatively, you can consult a registered migration agent to discuss your options.

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