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China Trade Agreement passes through parliament

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It has been ten years in the making and today all of the hard work and negotiations between the parliaments of Australian and China could officially move forward with the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) being approved and passed through Australian parliament today.

As with most major agreements, there was some request for amendments by some politicians in the parliament sitting today but with the Australian government keen to have the agreement finalised before parliament breaks for a fortnight, the initial proposed ChAFTA went through with a majority of the house supporting it.

The initial agreement was signed back in June of this year with both countries having to complete their domestic treaty making process before the agreement could be entered into.

The ChAFTA will allow such provisions as:

  • 95% of Australian exports to China to be tariff free
  • More accessibility for Chinese investors to access Australian companies
  • Give Australian exports better access to Chinese markets

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