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Changes to 457 temporary skilled work visa

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FOREIGN workers now have less time to reapply for work in Australia under new changes to the 457 temporary skilled work visa.

Peter Dutton the Immigration and Border Protection Minister put changes to Parliament in October under which come into force on Saturday 19th October 2016, foreign workers will now only have 60 days to reapply for a work visa if they leave their current job, rather than the current 90 days.

With more than 95,700 skilled migrants in Australia on 457 visas, Peter Dutton stated the changes were about reducing competition for unemployed Australians and protecting temporary visa holders from being exploited.

Quote: “The Government values the contribution made by the many skilled persons who work in Australia on 457 visas, but where there is an Australian worker ready, willing and able to perform a role it is the Government’s policy that they have priority,” Mr Dutton said.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten claimed the changes as a win for Labor.

“Yesterday [Malcolm Turnbull] was out there panning Labor,” Mr Shorten said.

“But today he’s worked out that Australians, not just Labor but the Australian people, want to prioritise Australians getting jobs so now he’s saying he’ll be tougher on it.”

Work Visa Lawyers principal lawyer Chris Johnston said the amendment would make it “practically impossible” for more 457 visa holders to find a new position if they lost their jobs.

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