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STEM and ICT Qualified Industry Visas for Australia

We all know that the world is dependent on science and technology like never before which means that the demand for sci-tech skilled workers continues to rise. The Australian Government has recognized this and put several systems in place to ensure that foreign skilled workers have the ability to easily apply for a working visa…

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Sky-high Sydney House Prices Open Opportunities for Investment in Queensland

According to Macquarie Bank researchers, rocketing Sydney property prices will cause a wave of migration to South East Queensland. Sydney house prices are almost double those in other capital cities, while Queensland has rising job creation. This appears to be setting the stage for another wave of Queensland migration. It is important to note that…

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Australia’s Visa System Modernisation Reforms – Mygration

Visa simplification The Home Affairs Department has been tasked by the Australian Government to simplify the country’s visa system. The purpose is to make the system easier to understand and navigate, as well as being more responsive to Australia’s economic, social and security interests. Migration to Australia on all types of visas is constantly increasing,…

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Grandfathering provisions 457 to ENS/RSMS Announced

DIBP Fact Sheet Two: Reforms to Australia’s permanent skilled migration program This update provides advice on the grandfathering provisions for holders of Subclass 457 visas up until 18 April 2017. These visa holders can access certain existing provisions under the Temporary Residence Transition (TRT) stream: Occupation requirements remain the same There are no restrictions if…

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Changes to Visitor VISA Application Arrangements – Indonesia

Legislative Instrument – F2017L01454 – IMMI 17/124: Arrangements for Visitor (Class FA) Visa Applications Changes to the visitor visa application are only for Indonesian visitor visa applicants. All previous Instrument visa application arrangements remain the same. This specifies that Indonesian passport holders can now apply for their Subclass 600 visa application in the Tourist, Business…

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Donald Trump announced as new president of the United States

It was one of the most highly anticipated elections of the last decade as the citizens of America went to the voting polls to vote in their new President.  Democrat Senator Hilary Clinton was running against Republican Donald Trump for the esteemed job in the oval office. Although Senator Clinton was always portrayed as the…

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Entrepreneur Visa announcement

A recent announcement published on the Australian Government website advised of the recent amendments to the Business Innovation and Investment visa – both provisional and permanent classes. The reason for these changes / improvements to the visa classes has been outlined in the Explanatory Statement issued by the Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection…

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Who is Austrade?

As an international investor, if you are looking for the available opportunities for investment in Australian companies and industry,  it is very important that you make yourself familiar with Austrade. So who is Austrade and what do they have to do with investment into Australia? Austrade (the Australian Trade and Investment Commission) is a commission…

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The aftermath – How Brexit will affect Australia

The world watched as the announcement was made that Britain was no longer part of Europe as the Brexit votes were counted. The domino affect to economies and immigration around the world was in play even before the announcement with the stock market and many banks suspending trade with the British pound for the 24…

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Brexit and the EU – Britain’s deciding vote

It’s been a turbulent time in the United Kingdom over the past few months as the Brexit debate has swept through the nation.  Emotions and political campaigns have been running high and came to a peak with the tragic murder of MP Jo Cox who was attacked during a speech encouraging voters to remain as…

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