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Can I update my application once it’s submitted?

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The processing times for Visas to Australia can be extremely long which is why we suggest to use a reptuable migration agent, such as Mygration Australia, to assist with the process. Delays in processing can occur for many reasons irrespective of the Visa you have applied for whether it be a Skilled Workers Visa, Family Visa, Business Visa, etc.

Some of these delays in processing can be caused by:

* Increase in the number of applicants applying for that particular stream of Visa

* Changes to government legislation (either Australian Government or the Government of origin of the applicant)

* Incorrectly completed visa application

* Missing support documentation

* Changes in circumstances of the Visa applicant

The last cause of delay is what we are going to discuss as it is one of the most common concerns when applicants submit the Visa application. This is a legitimate concern as some applications can take a number of years to process and approve. Some changes of circumstance which may effect an application include:

* Change in health

* Change in financial situation

* Change in family unit (new baby)

* Change in occupation

* Criminal history

The Australian government acknowledges that circumstances can and do sometimes change and have are proper channels set up for applicants to go through to adjust any information disclosed on their original application. 

It is best to be over-diligent when it comes to changes and over-inform rather than under-inform. This is why we suggest no matter how big or small your change in circumstance is, always speak to your migration agent to avoid any further unnecessary delays. If you would like to speak to one of our experienced migration agents, please contact our head office today. 

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