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Business Talent Visa- Venture Capital

Clients who wish to apply under this stream must satisfy the authorities that they will obtain funding from Venture Capital (VC) company (that meets immigration criteria) to fund an early start up of a business or commercialise a product of significant value. The applicant must enter into an agreement with the VC Company that allows the VC to invest in their product or start-up company.

There are specific requirements for the VC and applicant to meet for the proposed business and signed agreement and to be maintained according to the VC agreement.


Business Talent Visa- Significant History

High-calibre business owners or part-owners who want to do business in Australia and have an active role in their business management must apply under this stream.

The criteria and evidence centred on the financial history and business activities of the applicant for the past 2-4 fiscal years before application. Information assessed in this stream relates to evidence of ownership interest and turnover threshold in their existing offshore qualifying business/s.

Specific requirements apply to clients from PRC (People’s Republic of China). State nomination approval criteria is different for each state government AND is dependent on the business the client intends on establishing.


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