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Brexit and the EU – Britain’s deciding vote

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It’s been a turbulent time in the United Kingdom over the past few months as the Brexit debate has swept through the nation.  Emotions and political campaigns have been running high and came to a peak with the tragic murder of MP Jo Cox who was attacked during a speech encouraging voters to remain as part of the EU.

In addition to personal beliefs and politics, the main argument is stemming from the affect that leaving the EU will have on Britain’s economy.  Prime Minister David Cameron is pro-EU and with only a few hours left before the polling booths open is imploring voters to consider the ongoing effects leaving the EU will have on the country.

In a recent address to the media outside of 10 Downing Street, Mr Cameron made the following statement: “Above all, being a member of the European Union is about our economic security. The reason I came into politics, was to help people lead a better life, to get a good job, to earn a fair wage, have the chance to own a home, to provide for your family and for your retirement.”

The leading opponent in this charge for Britain to ‘Leave’ the EU is former Mayor of London, Boris Johnson who’s primary angle is to regain control of their immigration laws.

Some of the immediate affects if Britain does leave the EU will be reflected through:

  • Ability for businesses to hire foreign workers
  • Trade agreements
  • International investment opportunities

The voting stations will be open across Britain Thursday 23rd June and it’s safe to say that whole world will be watching.


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