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Breaking News: Changes to Significant Investor Visa to implemented by 23rd of April

The Australian Government is expected to make an announcement by the end of the week regarding a suspension of the existing application process for SIV’s (Significant Investor Visas).  The date that has been discussed as the final date applications will be accepted under the current framework is the 23rd of April 2015.  This date will also result in a cut-off time when States and Territories can approve nominations and generate invitation letters to applicants.

Due to the current application process stipulating approval for Significant Investor Visa’s is granted through these invitations from the States and Territories, it is recommended for any applicants whom have already submitted their SIV application, to contact their registered migration agent immediately.

The Significant Investor Visa was introduced by the Australian Government to help boost the Australian economy with successful applicants required to invest AUD5million over a minimum four year period. The SIV was a new stream within the Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) (subclass 188) and the Business Innovation and Investment (permanent) (subclass 188) Visa. 

If you would like any information about your existing SIV application or need more details about a prospective business visa application, please contact one of our experienced and qualified migration agents today.

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