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Deal direct with a Mygration registered migration agent online today. We can help with detailed discussions about:

  • the visa pathways that best suits you and your family's needs
  • the main procedures involved
  • the cost relating to your application
  • any other issues that arise based on your needs.

We are bound by the confidentiality and National Privacy Act 1988 of Australia. We provide confidential face to face and online consultations for all clients who prefer a detailed discussion about their individual situation and assessment criteria.

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  • Once you have completed this form correctly and submitted to us, your information will be previewed by one of our professionals, screening the information provided to determine if realistic migration pathways exist.
  • We provide a free initial consultation with a Registered migration agent/lawyer so you can be confident in which visa pathway is right for your unique circumstances. Why don’t you call us on 07 5631 4755 or email us at to arrange a time that suits you during standard business hours.

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