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Big Boost on the Horizon for Skilled Engineers

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The recently released Australian federal budget projected a lot of necessary Government spending. The big spend that got everyone’s attention was the $11.6 billion investment package for roads and infrastructure. While some shook their heads at the huge dollar value of this spend on infrastructure, there is one group in particular that is rejoicing at the news. Engineers Australia who is the peak professional body in the engineering trade welcomed the proposed package. CEO of Engineers Australia, Stephen Durkin said this news could not come at a better time with over 40 percent of qualified engineers having to find work outside of their trained profession. “With 27 straight months of national decline in engineering job ads, we need to reinvigorate the engineering sector, and any infrastructure spend is welcome news.”  Mr Durkin understood the urgency in the infrastructure investment for Australia as a community in addition to sustaining the community of skilled engineers looking for work. “A couple of decades ago there were over 100,000 engineers employed across the government sector, today there are less than 20,000.” Mr Durkin is remaining optimistic that if this spend is executed properly, there will be an increase in demand for skilled engineers and the industry alike. If you are interested in the opportunities available in Australia for Skilled Visas and Work Visas, please contact one of our registered migration agents in Australia who will only too happy to assist with your enquiry.


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