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Australia’s Visa System Modernisation Reforms – Mygration

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Visa simplification

The Home Affairs Department has been tasked by the Australian Government to simplify the country’s visa system. The purpose is to make the system easier to understand and navigate, as well as being more responsive to Australia’s economic, social and security interests.

Migration to Australia on all types of visas is constantly increasing, and in turn, the system needs modernising to cope with future demand and complex risks at the border.

Public consultation

The consultation on visa simplification included engagement with industry, community sectors, international partners and other interested parties. The Home Affairs Department released a policy consultation paper to give the public and other stakeholders information to aid their response on visa simplification. The paper sought views on the following:

  • Reducing the number of visas from currently 99, to potentially around 10 visas
  • Delineation between temporary and long-term entry or permanent residence
  • If a period of provisional residence could assist in enhancing the integrity of the visa system and therefore easing taxpayers burden
  • Guarantee that the Australian visa system supports the country as a competitive and attractive destination for temporary and longer-term entrants

Service delivery reforms

The Home Affairs Department is utilising technology to enhance their visa and citizenship services by making them more efficient and easier to use.

This long-term vision is in place to manage the increasing number of visa applications and travellers. The Government is pursuing a strong economy and a national, prosperous society.

We at Mygration have years of experience in the Australian migration process. If you have any questions about this or would like some assistance, please contact us and we will be happy to help.



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